Experience safe and effective relief with the Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR).   

Stella's advanced Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) treatment can relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD/PTSI.

What is Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)

One of the most promising biological interventions for psychological trauma

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) is a procedure in which a local anesthetic is injected next to the stellate ganglion, a collection of the sympathetic nerves located in the neck that helps regulate many involuntary functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and sweating. For years, SGB has been recognized as an FDA-approved pain-relieving treatment. Most recently, SGB has been used off-label to treat symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression because it helps regulate the overactive sympathetic nervous system and "reset" the brain's "fight-or-flight" response to its baseline.

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DSR SGB by Stella

Our advanced Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) treatment protocol can produce better outcomes.

After researching many ways of administering SGB for PTSD, Stella's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eugene Lipov developed an advanced protocol of SGB, called the Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR) that could yield the most effective results. This procedure involves two injections on one side of the neck to relieve symptoms of emotional trauma.

DSR SGB is one of the most promising interventions for psychological trauma. While studies show that 70% to 75% of SGB treatment participants experienced high rates of rapid clinical improvement in PTSD symptoms, Stella's DSR protocol results in 81% of clients finding relief from their PTSD symptoms.

Stella physicians are trained to provide our DSR approach in which all Board Certified MDs use image-guided techniques and follow Stella's medical and safety protocols.

The entire treatment is completed in under 20 minutes and is a safe, effective solution with very little risk.

DSR SGB uses two FDA-approved anestheticsBupivacaine, used for epidurals and dental work, and Ropivacaine, which is used during surgery and labor.


Treat the symptoms of trauma by regulating overactive nervous system

Some individuals experience being stuck in a fight-or-flight response long after triggering traumatic or stressful events. This state can create extra nerve fibers in the brain called sprouting, which produces persistent norepinephrine, known as adrenaline. Adrenaline is responsible for an overactive nervous system, causing increased heart rate and alertness, affecting sleep, mood, and memory – all physical symptoms of trauma. 

Stella's advanced SGB protocol, the Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR), is two SGB injections of local anesthetic in one side of the neck next to a bundle of sympathetic nerves that regulates the fight-or-flight response. Similar to turning on and off a computer, this helps restore normal biological function and has the potential to relieve symptoms of trauma, even at its most severe.

We measure success in lives changed.


Erin had received a Dual Sympathetic Reset, an advanced SGB, once before to help with her PTSD symptoms and suicidal ideations. The results of her first treatment had left her in a peaceful state; her racing thoughts had stopped, and the electricity under her skin had finally calmed. She began to realize that her environment at the time wasn't the best, causing some of the symptoms to resurface. Upon making changes in her life, like continued talk therapy and medication, she decided to return to Stella for another treatment since nothing like DSR SGB worked to calm her physical symptoms.



Dr. Eugene Lipov

Widely considered the pioneer of SGB for PTSD, Stella's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eugene Lipov has made it his mission to help those experiencing trauma symptoms like depression and anxiety find relief. Though he is a leading expert in the field, it doesn't mean Lipov is immune from trauma symptoms himself. Earlier this year, Lipov received his second stellate ganglion block treatment – the same one he's been providing people for the better two decades. He has faced an insurmountable amount of trauma throughout his life, like the loss of loved ones, and even faced intergenerational trauma - trauma that a parent or grandparent faces that can be passed down. He described his trauma as "a cold hand over his heart" and knew this treatment could make the change he needed as it has for thousands worldwide. This is Lipov's second SGB treatment in five years, and once again, he noticed an improvement in his symptoms after the treatment.


Deborah was able to say all the right things to her therapist, but she wasn't getting any better. Finally, after years of struggling, she recognized the skills she had learned weren't working for her anymore. Deborah was ready to be being honest about her emotions with the people around her, and most importantly, herself. Since receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Deborah doesn't live in fear and finds comfort in her emotions. She now looks to help those suffering around her.


After years of sleepless nights, violent ideations, and suicidal thoughts due to military sexual trauma, Janelle needed a path toward healing. Her trauma symptoms were holding her back from the positive impact she was looking to make in this world. To Janelle, trauma was a prison she could not escape. After the Dual Sympathetic Reset, relief came quickly. Besides a temporary expected short-term effect called Horners Syndrome (a droopy red eye with a dilated pupil on the side of the injection), Janelle's thought process changed immediately, and her mind felt healthier and more optimistic. Her hope of making an impact has been revived.


When Mike returned home from his time in the Marines, he struggled with panic attacks, thoughts of impending doom, and even cold sweats that would stop him from his daily routine. Mike's trauma played on a loop through his head. He did everything he could to gain a higher quality of life, but with every attempt, he would find himself back at square one. Finally, after receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Mike experienced a relaxation he'd rarely felt before. His irritation level dropped immensely. And he found a quality of life he loves through SGB, therapy, exercise, and other forms of healing PTSD/PSTI.

DSR Treatment


See Kevin Briggs, who is know as The Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge, receive the Dual Sympathetic Reset.


Savannah had always been an anxious person since childhood. The untreated traumas in her family go back decades but one of the most traumatizing events she experienced was from a relationship in her late teens. Trauma symptoms like hypervigilance, hypersensitivity to external stimuli, and dangerous coping mechanisms crept in. Individual and group therapies helped, but only to a certain point. Since receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, she doesn't feel the sense of impending doom, anxiety, and lack of sleep or focus. Her "quality of life improved almost immediately."


From a young age, Kira experienced many forms of abuse, which put her mind and body in a constant state of fear. Even after years of meditation, supplements and therapy, Kira's progress often hit a wall. After having the DSR treatment, she has found that certain words, smells, sounds and situations that would put her in a near frozen state of fear, are now seemingly insignificant. Kira has newfound ambition and motivation – she feels like she is finally living a life that is hers.


Stacey tried everything after her positive COVID case in 2020. For months, she lost the use of her senses like taste and smell. She tried everything to get it back; a burnt orange, hot foods, and even going to see a doctor for a deviated septum, hoping that would do the trick. But even after all of that, she still couldn't get control of her senses. Then, Stacey found Stella, and after two DSR treatments, she says she regained up to 90% of her sense of smell and taste. Regaining her senses wasn't the only positive. She noticed positive changes in hypertension caused by anxiety about height, among other things. Her results were astounding. SGB gave Stacey back senses that we often take for granted.

Over 83% of Stella Patients who receive one SGB procedure experience lasting relief from their trauma symptoms.

See results from Stella patients.


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In just 20 minutes, you could gain a renewed sense of peace and hope and an entirely new outlook on life. Stella's innovative SGB treatments help relieve the physical symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges to empower individuals to take charge of their lives.

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