Relief from depression is possible.

Depression symptoms can present themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically. No matter where you've been, Stella's experts can help you navigate a way forward.

What Is Depression?

Depression looks different for everyone.

It affects how you think and feel throughout the day and can cause sadness, worry, and loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. Unaddressed symptoms of depression can create additional physical and mental health challenges.

Though there can be underlying causes like hormonal imbalance or environmental factors causes, the brain's chemistry can often play a major part in whether one experiences depression.

Depression can be debilitating, and the nature of depressive symptoms can make it difficult to envision a hopeful path forward. This is one of the many reasons it can be helpful to work with an experienced, licensed treatment guide, like the team of experts at Stella.

You deserve to feel better. Learn how biological interventions like SGB and ketamine therapy can help you find relief.

Stella treats the biological root cause of depression and anxiety symptoms with innovative modalities like ketamine infusions and the Dual Sympathetic Reset, an advanced protocol of Stellate Ganglion Block.

SGB is a novel application of an existing treatment that has been documented since 1926 in medical literature and in 1947 as a treatment for depression.

Why are you just hearing about SGB treatment for depression? One theory why it was not further explored when it was first identified in 1947 is that pharmaceutical agents to treat depression, like Prozac and other medications developed thereafter, came to the fore as potentially promising.

A second theory, proposed by Stella Chief Psychologist, Dr. Shauna Springer, is that SGB has primarily been deployed and studied within military medical facilities. For nearly two decades, with the exception of the clinical practice of SGB pioneer Dr. Eugene Lipov, SGB for symptoms of emotional trauma has not been available to civilians.

With the establishment of Stella as a nationwide network of certified providers, SGB is only now starting to gain public awareness.

Other modalities, like in-office ketamine infusion therapy, have also shown promising results. Ketamine is a fast-acting treatment that has been found to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

When combining biological treatments with psychological ones, like therapy, the results can be life-changing.

Cutting-edge depression treatment informed by modern neuroscience.

Treating your symptoms starts with a virtual assessment with Stella's expert Advanced Practice Providers. Individualized curated care can include cutting-edge modalities like:

We measure success by lives changed.

Stella's treatment approach gives patients the optimal pathway to seamless, comprehensive, integrated care by using a variety of innovative treatments in combination with each other or as supplemental treatments to your existing care plan.


Christina had dealt with trauma at a young age, causing her to suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It had affected her life to the point where she struggled with work, and her social anxiety would keep her from even wanting to leave her house. She just wanted to find peace so that she could have the ability to live her life. Her best friend had gotten the Dual Sympathetic Reset, an advanced SGB, and told her how well it worked on her trauma symptoms; Christina decided to give it a chance. Immediately after the treatment, she felt a surge of emotion and happiness that she couldn't believe. Now she's looking forward to living her best life.



US Marine veteran Aaron Williamson wasn't aware of the severity of his symptoms of post-traumatic stress. After he received DSR SGB treatment in the fall of 2022, everything changed. He describes the feeling as if something vacuum-sealed was opened up, and he could see everything returning to its normal size. He could process and understand why all the negativity, anxiety, stress, and trauma associated with post-traumatic stress happened and continued to work toward a better quality of life. 


After years of sleepless nights, violent ideations, and suicidal thoughts due to military sexual trauma, Janelle needed a path toward healing. Her trauma symptoms were holding her back from the positive impact she was looking to make in this world. To Janelle, trauma was a prison she could not escape. After the dual sympathetic reset, relief came quickly. Besides a temporary expected short-term effect called Horners Syndrome (a droopy red eye with a dilated pupil on the side of the injection), Janelle's thought process changed immediately, and her mind felt healthier and more optimistic. Her hope of making an impact has been revived.


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