Reduce Symptoms of Long Covid with Stella's Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR)

Leveraging DSR, Stella's advanced Stellate Ganglion Block protocol, Long COVID patients are finding relief from loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, brain fog and more.

What is Long COVID?

Since March 2020, there have been over 650 million COVID-19 cases worldwide. Over the last two years, we've learned a lot about how the virus works and how to protect ourselves against it. We're also learning what COVID-19's long-term impact on our mental and physical health will be.

While most people who are infected with COVID-19 recover from their symptoms within four weeks, studies indicate that around 10% of people experience Long Covid symptoms. Medical professionals continue to innovate as we learn more about how COVID-19 can impact the body in the long term.

Dual Sympathetic Reset's application in treating Long COVID is novel but promising.

Treatment by Stella

While early papers, case studies, and trials have provided helpful information about Long COVID, more research needs to be conducted. However, there have been cases treated by Stella that have shown significant improvement. 

Stella Certified Doctor Dr. Luke D. Liu and Research Coordinator Deborah L. Duricka recently added to this body of knowledge with their study, Stellate ganglion block reduces symptoms of Long COVID: A case series. This study explains how the Dual Sympathetic Reset, also referred to as the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) successfully reduced two individuals' Long COVID symptoms. 

During DSR, local anesthetic is injected, which temporarily blocks or "turns off" the nerves it's injected into which can help restore normal biological functions. 

After the individuals were treated with the Dual Sympathetic Reset, both experienced relief in symptoms like debilitating fatigue, mental fogginess, difficulty concentrating, elevated resting heart rate, sleep disturbance, altered sense of taste and smell, and lack of appetite and food aversion due to changes in taste and smell.


Regaining a sense of normalcy after Long COVID.

Many people who have experienced Long COVID have reported that biological and psychological interventions like Talk Therapy and the Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR) can help them manage symptoms and improve quality of life.


Stacey tried everything after her positive COVID case in 2020. For months, she lost the use of her senses like taste and smell. She tried everything to get it back; a burnt orange, hot foods, and even going to see a doctor for a deviated septum, hoping that would do the trick. But even after all of that, she still couldn't get control of her senses. Then, Stacey found Stella, and after two DSR treatments, she says she regained up to 90% of her sense of smell and taste. Regaining her senses wasn't the only positive. She noticed positive changes in hypertension caused by anxiety about height, among other things. Her results were astounding. DSR gave Stacey back senses that we often take for granted.


In early 2022, Kevin Chung frequently experienced trouble sleeping, brain fog, heart palpitations, and partial loss of smell after a long bout with COVID-19. After his Dual Sympathetic Reset by Stella, Kevin had a sense of normalcy again. He can now fully sleep through the night and focus clearly without any brain fog. Even his sense of smell has fully returned.

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