Cutting-edge care for emotional trauma and mental health challenges.

Treating your symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and stress starts with an assessment with Stella's Advanced Practice Providers.

Practical, effective care informed by modern neuroscience.

Treating your symptoms starts with a virtual assessment with Stella's expert Advanced Practice Providers. Individualized curated careĀ can include cutting-edge modalities like:

Advancing care through
responsible innovation.

Get safe and effective mental health treatment from world-renowned medical experts and advocates.

Clinical Leadership and Care Team


Countries World Wide


Board Certified Medical Providers

Dr. Eugene Lipov, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Bruce Nadro, Medical Director, Ketamine

Dr. Jason Cohen, Chief Medical Officer Israel

Dr. Christopher Romig, Medical Director of Innovation

Dr. Robert Wright, Chief Medical Officer Australia

Trauma-Informed PMH-NP's

Raising the mental health care standard.

Cutting-edge care that leads to life-changing results.

Stella's innovative treatments help relieve symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges.

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