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Some may experience instant relief, while others may see gradual progress or require additional treatments. It is essential to recognize that each patient's unique journey is valid, and our team is dedicated to providing support throughout the entire treatment process. 



Dan returned home from Afghanistan severely injured and suffering from PTSD, which led to anxiety, depression, and anger issues that strained his relationships. His anger, frustration, and sadness were out of control and built a dependence on alcohol. After the Dual Sympathetic Reset and Ketamine Infusion Therapy from Stella, Dan felt extraordinary relief from his symptoms. The weight of his anxiety lifted, the tightness surrounding his chest was completely relieved, and his mission to begin a sober life was successful. Now months after the DSR and Ketamine Infusion Therapy, he still feels its positive effect and knows that, though his care journey is long, he knows he's worth the fight. 


Deborah was able to say all the right things to her therapist, but she wasn't getting any better. Finally, after years of struggling, she recognized the skills she had learned weren't working for her anymore. Deborah was ready to be being honest about her emotions with the people around her, and most importantly, herself. Since receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Deborah doesn't live in fear and finds comfort in her emotions. She now looks to help those suffering around her.


After years of sleepless nights, violent ideations, and suicidal thoughts due to military sexual trauma, Janelle needed a path toward healing. Her trauma symptoms were holding her back from the positive impact she was looking to make in this world. To Janelle, trauma was a prison she could not escape. After the stellate ganglion block, relief came quickly. Besides a temporary expected short-term effect called Horners Syndrome (a droopy red eye with a dilated pupil on the side of the injection), Janelle's thought process changed immediately, and her mind felt healthier and more optimistic. Her hope of making an impact has been revived.


Luis was a police officer for 5 years. During a routine traffic stop, he was shot 6 times – causing injuries that left him unable to walk for two years. During this time, he began to realize that he was suffering from symptoms of PTSD. Luis was unable to feel affection for his son, which resulted in his son growing afraid of him. After receiving Treatment by Stella, he was able to feel a warmth towards others, and finds pleasure in interaction with those he loves.


"Post-traumatic stress disorder is validation of what happened." For years, the trauma from sex trafficking hid in Lexi's body and mind, manifesting with even the simplest sounds, including laughter. Now, three months after receiving the Stellate Ganglion Block, Lexi can breathe deeply and enjoy some of the biggest things life has to offer.


US Marine veteran Aaron Williamson wasn't aware of the severity of his symptoms of post-traumatic stress. After he received DSR SGB treatment in the fall of 2022, everything changed. He describes the feeling as if something vacuum-sealed was opened up, and he could see everything returning to its normal size. He could process and understand why all the negativity, anxiety, stress, and trauma associated with post-traumatic stress happened and continued to work toward a better quality of life. 


"After getting right side DSR SGB treatment, I felt like I was experiencing life for the first time. Living in this world with a calm body was the most important gift I have ever received."

Stella employee, KB, described that she started to experience emotions properly and felt connected to her family in a way she'd never experienced before. Her sleep got better, anxiety decreased and she no longer experienced panic attacks.

"Looking back, I forgot an important step. I have to keep putting in the work. I have to remember to take care of myself." -- KB

Some symptoms slowly started to resurface and over a year later, she returned for bilateral DSR SGB treatment.

"I know that this treatment works for me. It changed my life. This time around, I found a therapist that gets me. She understands how DSR SGB impacts the body and she knows how to support people with ADHD and C-PSTD/PTSI. Having her by my side to support the psychological aspect of my healing has been a game changer."

KB has yet to experience a panic attack since her first treatment.

Greg, Medical Facility Operations Director at Stella Center Chicago, reads a review from a patient


Katie was unaware of the trauma she carried throughout her life. Childhood abuse and her adoption at an extremely young age played a role in how trauma affected Katie's daily routine as an adult. Adoptees, especially at a young age, can experience developmental, rejection, and separation traumas. So Katie began looking for other options to help her relieve her symptoms. After overcoming a brief hesitation, Katie opted for the Dual Sympathetic Reset a form of Stellate Ganglion Block. A day after the treatment, the heaviness she'd experienced since childhood lifted from her chest. The sense of doom, anxiety, and panic she felt daily, is no longer impending. Her worries about being left and abandoned have gone away. "It will allow you to work on yourself in ways you couldn't before," said Katie.

Charles Martinez, Nurse Practitioner at Stella Center in D.C., reads a review from a patient


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