IV Ketamine infusion therapy can effectively treat anxiety and depression.

What was once called an alternative treatment for anxiety and depression, ketamine infusion therapy is a fast, effective treatment that has brought relief to thousands of individuals.

Stella's ketamine infusion therapy is guided by our responsible innovation approach.

How Does Ketamine Work?

Improve brain health with ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety.

Ketamine is an NMDA receptor antagonist that interacts selectively with key brain neurotransmitters. When ketamine binds to NMDA receptors, it increases the amount of glutamate between neurons which activates connections in the AMPA receptor. When AMPA receptors are activated, and NMDA receptors are blocked, synaptogenesis occurs.

What's Synaptogenesis? It's the process of neurons communicating with each other along new pathways, which can affect mood, thought patterns, and cognition. 

By increasing the levels of glutamate in the brain, ketamine can help increase neural communication to improve mood and reduce feelings of depression. Ketamine can repair damage caused by cortisol and other long-term stress hormones that affect the brain's communication system.

Treatment by Stella

Evidence-based in-office medically guided infusions that can effectively treat mental health challenges.

While there are many versions of ketamine treatments available, the safest way to provide ketamine in a dose-controlled manner is through the use of infusions. 

Stella innovates responsibly by prioritizing safety while optimizing our clients' outcomes. This is why we offer in-office ketamine infusions where patients are directly medically monitored during their treatments. 

Ketamine often yields a successful result before traditional treatments like pharmaceutical drugs or talk therapy.

There are minimal side effects to treatment with ketamine and there is no evidence that ketamine is habit-forming or addictive when administered intravenously at low doses in a medically supervised course of treatment.

As with all treatments, the outcome of ketamine infusion therapy varies. Stella clients report improved mood, better quality of sleep, having a clearer mind, and regaining interest in activities they previously enjoyed.

Ketamine is administered intravenously very slowly over 45 minutes by trained personnel under the direction of a Stella Board Certified Partner.

You will be monitored throughout the infusion, and we are prepared to increase or decrease dosage in real time and treat any unpleasant side effects during the procedure.

Generally, within 15 minutes of completing the infusion, you will feel mindfully present and your thinking will return to normal. Results are fast and effective.

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