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Intake Assessment

Exploring mental health treatments? Let us be your expert. Stella's Advanced Practice Providers can provide you with a clinical recommendation and support you along your treatment journey.

Stella's Medical & Biopsychosocial Assessments

Meet with the experts to understand your symptoms and curate your healing journey.

During Advanced Practice Provider assessments, they'll ask questions, listen closely, identify medical contradictions, and assess what care journey best fits you based on the decades of scientific research.


Step 1

Get To Know Each Other

Learn from you to discover what your individual needs are.


Step 2

Discuss Your Symptoms

We will listen to understand your unique symptoms.

Step 3

Review Your Medical History

Each plan is customized to your individual needs and takes your health history into account.

Step 4

Clinical Recommendation

Work towards your desired outcome by creating a path towards better mental health together.

Comprehensive care, access to innovative treatments, and multimodality approaches  

Stella's Model For Care:

Treating mental health concerns requires an approach that both treats the root cause and the individual psychological impacts of suffering.

Stella's interventional mental health approach is a new model of care to address the needs of a diverse population.

Clinical oversight from licensed medical professionals gives you the piece of mind that:

  • Treatments are based on science, research and decades of experience
  • Protocols are proven to be effective 
  • Strict safety guidelines are followed
  • Treatment recommendations are customized for you

Our field leading protocols are an example of "responsible innovation." Responsible innovation optimizes cutting edge care to get the best outcomes while prioritizing the highest safety standard.

Financing and Payment Options

Insurance Reimbursable Services & Superbills

Insurance Reimbursable Services & Superbills

Intake assessments, integration therapy and TMS therapy are eligible for insurance coverage depending on your plan and location. Superbills are available. Please call our Care Advocate team for more information.

Financing Through Rectangle Health

Financing Through Rectangle Health

Flexible and affordable financing so you can get access to the treatment you need with a custom payment plan that fits any budget.

HSA, FSA, CareCredit & Credit Cards

HSA, FSA, CareCredit & Credit Cards

Stella accepts multiple forms of payment such as Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, CareCredit and major credit cards.

It's more than just an appointment, it's a first step towards feeling better.


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