Expert guidance towards your unique path to healing.

We treat mental health challenges as injuries, not disorders, by healing the injury instead of just managing the symptoms. 

Intake assessment costs $292 and may be eligible for insurance reimbursement

Intake assessment costs $292 and may be eligible for insurance reimbursement

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment at Stella.

Work directly with Stella's Advanced Practice Provider to discover the most impactful relief through smart applications of safe and effective treatment modalities.

Step 1

Schedule an assessment.

Give us a call. We're here to answer questions, schedule your assessment, and start you on the path to relief.

Step 2

Meet with an expert.

During Medical & Biopsychosiclal Assessments, our experts ask questions, listen closely, identify medical contraindications, and assess what care journey best fits you based on decades of scientific research.

Step 3

Curate a plan together.

Each plan is customized to your individual needs, which could include a single-service treatment or a multi-modality care plan approach of biological and psychological interventions.

Step 4

Stick by you throughout your care.

Your dedicated Advanced Practice Provider will follow up with you after treatment to support longevity of positive outcomes.

Treatment by Stella Pricing

Some of Stella's services, such as Medical & Biopsychosocial Assessment and Integration Therapy may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. A superbill can be provided at the end of treatment.

Treatment plans that leverage multiple modalities across Stella's protocols to support clients experiencing TBI and additional severities or complexities.

Bilateral DSR + 6 Ketamine Infusions:

*SOF Bilateral DSR + 4 Ketamine Infusions:

*Only available in Westmont, Illinois and takes place within one week

Financing and Payment Options

In-House Financing

In-House Financing

In-house financing is available at 0% interest over 6 months with a 50% down payment.


Accept Credit Cards, FSA, HSA and CareCredit

Accept Credit Cards, FSA, HSA and CareCredit

Stella accepts multiple forms of payment such as Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, CareCredit and major credit cards.

Insurance Reimbursable Services

Insurance Reimbursable Services

Medical & Biopsychosocial assessments, Psych-Medical Appointments and Integration Therapy may be eligible for insurance reimbursement through superbills.

Financing through Rectangle Health

Financing through Rectangle Health

Flexible and affordable financing so you can get access to the treatment you need with a custom payment plan that fits any budget.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How does DSR SGB work?

You might be asking yourself how does SGB work, we can help. Have you heard of a nerve block or received a numbing injection before, like at the dentist? DSR SGB is an injection that "numbs" your sympathetic nervous system.

What does that do? It allows your body to decrease the flow of norepinephrine (adrenalin) to your amygdala (fear center). Norepinephrine is responsible for "stressful emotions" like anger and fear and your amygdala ow we act in a crisis. When your amygdala receives stressful emotions, it believes you're threatened and responds as such.

It also "prunes" any extra nerve fibers responsible for transmitting this hormone. After the numbing anesthetic wears off, your the amount of transmitting nerve fibers should be reduced, similar to blowing off flowers of a dandelion.

Why haven't I heard of DSR SGB?

SGB was originally developed almost 100 years ago for pain management. About 20 years ago our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lipov along with a few medical experts discovered that it was helping with symptoms of PTSD. Dr. Lipov has dedicated the last 20 years to researching and optimizing the treatment specifically for PTSD and that's how he discovered the Dual Sympathetic Reset as the most effective way to give a reset to the fight or flight response.

In the medical world it often takes those 20 years to get clear research for it to get into the mainstream and that's where we find ourselves today.

Why does DSR SGB cost what it costs?

Stella only recruits the highest quality and most experienced physicians to partner with. Additionally, we have very high standards for the facilities and resources for each provider and location. The treatments are not covered by insurance, resulting in the pricing reflecting the actual cost of providing the treatment safely and efficiently. Here at Stella, we don't just treat DSR SGB as an injection and send clients on their way - we have a robust team of professionals to support you every step of the way.

  • Board certified MDs
  • Dual injection instead of a single injection (DSR vs SGB)
  • ASC availability: Close access to an emergency room
  • Image guided techniques in place (Ultrasound/Xray/Both)
  • Mental health support and follow ups

How is DSR SGB different than SGB?

SGB was originally developed as a single injection. After researching and testing many ways of administering SGB for PTSD treatment, Dr. Lipov found that two injections – known as the "Dual Sympathetic Reset" – yield the best results. The injections are given back to back on one side of the neck. ??Each Stella doctor is Board Certified and trained by Dr. Lipov in Stella's proprietary SGB methodology. We also require that our doctors use image guidance for correct needle placement. Stella does not look at SGB as just a shot in the neck, but as a part of a holistic healing journey, providing post op follow up for months after your treatment.

What happens to the brain during ketamine treatment?

Ketamine promotes nerve growth by forcing the neurons in the brain to make new connections, thereby healing the brain. This action occurs all over the brain, but more specifically in the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. These are the areas responsible for regulating mood, behavior, and memory.

Why ketamine infusions instead of oral or intermuscular?

IV ketamine is 100% bioavailable, meaning all of the medicine reaches the bloodstream without being metabolized. This allows for a very tightly controlled dose. The dose can be adjusted to the exact milligram and one will always know for sure exactly how much was given. The rate at which it can be administered can be increased, decreased, or can even be stopped at any time. If you aren't feeling the effects, more ketamine can be added or if the effects are too strong, the dose can be reduced as well.

Cutting-edge care that leads to life-changing results.

Stella's innovative treatments help relieve symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges.

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