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What happens while you're asleep can impact how you feel while you're awake. 

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia does not only impact sleep quality.

Insomnia is a sleep condition characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep or waking up frequently during the night. It can be a short-term problem or a chronic condition, and it can range in severity from mild to severe.

Insomnia can be caused by various factors, including stress, anxiety, medical conditions, certain medications, and unhealthy sleep habits. It can lead to a number of negative consequences, including daytime sleepiness, increased irritability, difficulty concentrating, and impaired performance at work or school.

People with insomnia may have difficulty falling asleep when they go to bed at night, or they may wake up frequently during the night and have trouble going back to sleep. They may wake up too early in the morning and be unable to get back to sleep, or they may feel tired and unrefreshed after waking up in the morning. 

Alternative treatments for insomnia can help regulate your sleep.

Your parasympathetic system controls your body while you sleep, allowing you to "rest and digest." This normal process of repairing the body, can become dysregulated after traumatic or highly stressful experiences. Treatment by Stella aims to restore balance and promote nightly rest and repair functions.

Helping reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety can, in turn, improve sleep. Some studies have suggested that stellate ganglion blocks may be effective in improving sleep, particularly those with sleep disorders related to stress and anxiety.

Stella's advanced SGB protocol called The Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR) can enhance the ability of the parasympathetic nervous system to rest and to repair the body. Restoring calm to an over-activated fight-or-flight system helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle and prevents further disruptions in normal sleep patterns.

There is evidence to suggest that ketamine may be effective in improving sleep in certain individuals, particularly those with chronic pain. However, ketamine is not typically used as a first-line treatment for insomnia.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can also improve sleep in many people with insomnia. In fact, research has shown that CBT can be as effective as sleep medication in the treatment of insomnia, and it has the added benefit of having fewer side effects. 

Cutting-edge insomnia treatment informed by modern neuroscience

Treating your symptoms starts with a virtual assessment with Stella's expert Advanced Practice Providers. Individualized curated care can include cutting-edge modalities like:

We measure success in lives changed.

Stella's treatment approach gives patients the optimal pathway to a seamless, comprehensive, integrated care by using a variety of innovative treatments in combination with each other or as supplemental treatments to your existing care plan.


Have you ever asked someone, "How do you fall asleep at night?" Andrea found herself asking that to others consistently since the concept of a whole night's rest was elusive to her because she had insomnia. After getting diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, and ADHD, she sought treatments to help. Although they were helping with her ADHD, the treatments weren't helping her trauma symptoms, and that's when she found Stella. At first, she thought the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Stella's advanced Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) was too good to be true, but after she received the treatment, Andrea could finally get a full night's rest.


Almost 50% of those that received Stella's advanced SGB protocol, the Dual Sympathetic Reset, saw an improvement in their quality of sleep.


After years of sleepless nights, violent ideations, and suicidal thoughts due to military sexual trauma, Janelle needed a path toward healing. Her trauma symptoms were holding her back from the positive impact she was looking to make in this world. To Janelle, trauma was a prison she could not escape. After the dual sympathetic reset, relief came quickly. Besides a temporary expected short-term effect called Horners Syndrome (a droopy red eye with a dilated pupil on the side of the injection), Janelle's thought process changed immediately, and her mind felt healthier and more optimistic. Her hope of making an impact has been revived.

Internal Patient Study based on responders treated with SGB by Stella between Dec '16 - Aug '22

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