Trauma-Informed talk therapy can help enhance treatment outcomes.

Trauma-Informed Talk Therapy can help enhance treatment outcomes.

Therapy is a safe space to learn what you're capable of, develop new insights, and shift your identity as you overcome mental obstacles through collaboration with experts.

Trauma-Informed Talk Therapy

Finding the right therapy for you.

A group therapy program is designed to offer an intentional and strategic mix of healing insights, practical wellness strategies, and group cohesion. The insights are specifically designed to support the process of undergoing a significantly positive mental shift when biological treatments are combined with psychological care.  

As trust builds in the group, group members will be able to share their own experiences, learn from each other, and benefit from the positive energy that flows between group members. And as in any team sport, the group's central goal will be to collectively find success – in this case to heal, together. 

Others prefer individualized one-on-one therapy sessions that span multiple modalities including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, mindfulness-based, and psychoanalytic approaches.

Stella x All Points North (APN)

Pairing biological and psychological interventions can be life-changing

Stella and All Points North are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care possible while building a trusting, lasting relationship.

Get your best possible outcome through the strategic fusion of Stella's biological treatments and APN's talk therapy support through APN Connection. This functional treatment partnership is a uniquely powerful offering led by APN's skilled group therapists.

Stella and APN's curriculum, developed in partnership with Stella's Chief Psychologist, Dr. Shauna Springer, is specifically designed to support long-term positive outcomes for clients who undergo biological treatments as a first step in care.

Stella's Dual Sympathetic Reset SGB protocol provides people with the opportunity to benefit from treatment without the barrier of fighting through symptoms like difficulties concentrating and overwhelming surges of anxiety. When calm is restored in the body, patients can be fully present in therapy.

Discuss Treatment & Prepare Together

Discuss & Review Stella x APN's Curriculum

Coordinate Treatments and Therapy Schedules

Continued Sessions to Unpack Progress and Process Stressors

Innovative multi-modality mental health care.

Many who pair Stella's biological interventions with psychological interventions find relief from the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD like trouble sleeping and concentrating, social isolation, feeling of worry and agitation, irritability and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy.


Erin had received a Dual Sympathetic Reset, an advanced SGB, once before to help with her PTSD symptoms and suicidal ideations. The results of her first treatment had left her in a peaceful state; her racing thoughts had stopped, and the electricity under her skin had finally calmed. She began to realize that her environment at the time wasn't the best, causing some of the symptoms to resurface. Upon making changes in her life, like continued talk therapy and medication, she decided to return to Stella for another treatment since nothing like DSR SGB worked to calm her physical symptoms.



In this episode, APN alum-turned-employee, Abbey, shares her story: how she discovered that decades of stress, loss, inflammation, misdiagnoses, medications, autoimmune flare-ups, and fertility issues compounded as trauma, keeping her stuck in a cycle of chronic illness. After trying every healing modality she could think of, Abbey sought relief from trauma's mental, physical, and social impacts with a Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR). Her first treatment triggered an immediate psychological and physical reset. DSR paved the way for Abbey's recovery, empowering her to maintain her newfound wellness, manage stressful situations, and live a life healed from the physical injury of trauma.

Note: sympathetic nervous system triggers the "fight-or-flight" response; the parasympathetic nervous system signals rest and digest.


As a therapist, Krista aims to help others learn how to create new pathways to their more authentic and joyful selves. So when a patient approached her with the idea of receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Krista saw this as an opportunity to discover those pathways to issues that leave them struggling After the treatment, Krista noticed her patient's demeanor was more positive. He was relaxed, smiling, his shoulders were down, and he was speaking in a better tone. He found a quality of life he loves through DSR, one that Krista says, only has him coming back on a need basis. 'When I think of any other research, intervention, and approach I can use in therapy, there's little I can say that gives that heal of result," said Krista.

Cutting-edge care that leads to life-changing results.

Stella's innovative treatments help relieve symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges.

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