Trauma-Informed talk therapy can help enhance treatment outcomes.

Trauma-Informed Talk Therapy Near You

Stella partners with All Points North to provide a safe space to heal your trauma and relief symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD with our trauma-informed talk therapy curriculum.


Pairing biological and psychological interventions can be life-changing.

Get your best possible outcome through the strategic fusion of Stella's biological treatments and APN's talk therapy support through APN Connection. This functional treatment partnership is a uniquely powerful offering led by APN's skilled group therapists.

Stella and APN's curriculum, developed in partnership with Stella's Chief Psychologist, Dr. Shauna Springer, is specifically designed to support long-term positive outcomes for clients who undergo biological treatments as a first step in care.

Stella's Dual Sympathetic Reset SGB protocol provides people with the opportunity to benefit from treatment without the barrier of fighting through symptoms like difficulties concentrating and overwhelming surges of anxiety. When calm is restored in the body, patients can be fully present in therapy.

Multimodality Approach to Care

Dual Sympathetic Reset Therapy Curriculum with APN

Pairing biological and psychological interventions can be life-changing. Along side biological treatment, meet with a skilled therapist who utilizes their clinical skills and personalized therapeutic techniques to aid each person in gaining greater personal insight and understanding.

Session 1


Build trust, set goals recognize symptoms and gain clarity around what to expect from DSR SGB and how on going therapy will support personal goals.                                                                                                      


Session 2

Emotional Intelligence

Discuss common trauma behaviors, explore the range of emotions experienced after DSR SGB treatment, identify triggers and symptoms and identify interventions to manage trauma responses.


Session 3

Physiological Strategies

Introduce and explore mindfulness, emotion identification, additional tools and skills to manage symptoms across holistic, Eastern, and Western approaches including EMDR.                                                                   


Session 4

Cognitive Strategies

Psychoeducation on DBT and CBT, vivo practice and explore self-regulation and dysregulation.                           



Session 5 & 6

Trauma Exploration & Deepening Interventions

Psychoeducation on trauma including trauma brain, blocking, reactions, repetitions and bonds and review the physical, emotional, and cognitive impacts.                                                                                                    


Session 7

Ongoing Practice

Practice of interventions, review, and clinical feedback, planning ongoing work and exploring existing needs.



Session 8


Looking forward, reviewing goals and reassessments and putting it all together.                                                



What is trauma-informed care?

Trauma-informed care accounts for the trauma an individual may have experienced in order to provide compassionate, understanding treatment tailored to specific situations and needs. A trauma-informed mental health professional is knowledgeable about the intricacies of trauma and its potential effects on behavior, mental health, and the ability to engage in various types of treatment.

Trauma-informed therapists provide a safe and comfortable place free from triggers associated with past trauma by acknowledging life experiences and deliver effective care that can promote better health outcomes.

Why is trauma-informed care important?

Trauma-informed therapists have the genuine sensitivity and empathy needed to effectively help individuals heal from past events and take charge of their future. They use appropriate tones and language, boundaries, and respect to generate an atmosphere conducive to recovery. Whatever type of trauma a person may be working through, a trauma-informed mental health professional will be attentive and compassionate.

Innovative multi-modality mental health care.

Many who pair Stella's biological interventions with psychological interventions find relief from the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, like trouble sleeping and concentrating, social isolation, feelings of worry and agitation, irritability, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy.


Erin had received a Dual Sympathetic Reset, an advanced SGB, once before to help with her PTSD symptoms and suicidal ideations. The results of her first treatment had left her in a peaceful state; her racing thoughts had stopped, and the electricity under her skin had finally calmed. She began to realize that her environment at the time wasn't the best, causing some of the symptoms to resurface. Upon making changes in her life, like continued talk therapy and medication, she decided to return to Stella for another treatment since nothing like DSR SGB worked to calm her physical symptoms.



In this episode, APN alum-turned-employee, Abbey, shares her story: how she discovered that decades of stress, loss, inflammation, misdiagnoses, medications, autoimmune flare-ups, and fertility issues compounded as trauma, keeping her stuck in a cycle of chronic illness. After trying every healing modality she could think of, Abbey sought relief from trauma's mental, physical, and social impacts with a Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR). Her first treatment triggered an immediate psychological and physical reset. DSR paved the way for Abbey's recovery, empowering her to maintain her newfound wellness, manage stressful situations, and live a life healed from the physical injury of trauma.

Note: sympathetic nervous system triggers the "fight-or-flight" response; the parasympathetic nervous system signals rest and digest.


As a therapist, Krista aims to help others learn how to create new pathways to their more authentic and joyful selves. So when a patient approached her with the idea of receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Krista saw this as an opportunity to discover those pathways to issues that leave them struggling After the treatment, Krista noticed her patient's demeanor was more positive. He was relaxed, smiling, his shoulders were down, and he was speaking in a better tone. He found a quality of life he loves through DSR, one that Krista says, only has him coming back on a need basis. 'When I think of any other research, intervention, and approach I can use in therapy, there's little I can say that gives that heal of result," said Krista.

Innovative treatments that lead to life-changing results.

Stella uses cutting-edge methods and equipment to help relieve symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges. When you're ready to take your life back, we're here to help. Call Stella to connect you with APN's team of trauma-informed mental health professionals.

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