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Anxiety is an involuntary biological response that can manifest in physical symptoms and it can be treated. 

Treatment for Anxiety

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is described as a persistent feeling of fear, which can sometimes be misidentified as worry. While worry comes and goes, anxiety often feels like one is trapped in a hole with no way out, which can profoundly affect relationships, work, personal life and daily activities. Many who experience anxiety have thoughts and concerns about things that could happen in the near future. 

When we feel threatened, our bodies release a hormone called norepinephrine, which activates our fight-or-flight response. The release of norepinephrine stimulates our sympathetic nervous system, causing a rise in blood pressure, disrupted sleep, a feeling of worry or dread, and a heightened state of alertness.

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Treatment by Stella

Historically, anxiety has often been treated with medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. Some medications may work better than others, a typical course of treatment with these approaches occurs over several weeks or months. In a recent patient survey, over 93% of respondents said that they had tried other treatments prior to treatment with Stella.

Recently, there has been a surge of interest in SGB as a treatment for symptoms of anxiety. Awareness of this new option for treatment is due to an increase in randomized controlled trials and studies published, press and media awareness and the willingness for people to tell their stories.

Stella's Dual Sympathetic Reset, our advanced SGB protocol, has been shown to primarily decrease PTSD symptoms, which can include anxiety. DSR specifically addresses symptoms like disrupted sleep, irritability, hypervigilance, an acute startle response, and difficulties concentrating.

While ketamine is mostly known for treating depression, it is also showing promise for reducing symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. The mechanism for ketamine's success may be related to the close tie between depression and anxiety.

We measure success by lives changed.

Stella's treatment approach gives patients the optimal pathway to seamless, comprehensive, integrated care by using a variety of innovative treatments in combination with each other or as supplemental treatments to your existing care plan.


Christina had dealt with trauma at a young age, causing her to suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It had affected her life to the point where she struggled with work, and her social anxiety would keep her from even wanting to leave her house. She just wanted to find peace so that she could have the ability to live her life. Her best friend had gotten The Dual Sympathetic Reset, an advanced SGB, and told her how well it worked on her trauma symptoms; Christina decided to give it a chance. Immediately after the treatment, she felt a surge of emotion and happiness that she couldn't believe. Now she's looking forward to living her best life.



When Mike returned home from his time in the Marines, he struggled with panic attacks, thoughts of impending doom, and even cold sweats that would stop him from his daily routine. Mike's trauma played on a loop through his head. He did everything he could to gain a higher quality of life, but with every attempt, he would find himself back at square one. Finally, after receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Mike experienced a relaxation he'd rarely felt before. His irritation level dropped immensely. And he found a quality of life he loves through SGB, therapy, exercise, and other forms of healing PTSD/PSTI.


Savannah had always been an anxious person since childhood. The untreated traumas in her family go back decades but one of the most traumatizing events she experienced was from a relationship in her late teens. Trauma symptoms like hypervigilance, hypersensitivity to external stimuli, and dangerous coping mechanisms crept in. Individual and group therapies helped, but only to a certain point. Since receiving the Dual Sympathetic Reset, she doesn't feel the sense of impending doom, anxiety, and lack of sleep or focus. Her "quality of life improved almost immediately."

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