Symptoms Quiz For Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & CPTSD

This brief quiz gauges symptoms related to post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and stress. Your responses will help us determine if you're a good fit for Treatment by Stella.


A Comprehensive Symptoms Quiz to Identify Mental Health Challenges

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Mental health is real. Taking care of mental health is essential for people to thrive and enjoy their lives. Stella's Symptoms Quiz can help gauge the symptoms you're experiencing while going through a mental health challenge. It may help individuals better understand what they're experiencing, so they can determine the next steps to take when looking for support.

Our quiz targets various mental health challenges people can experience, regardless of age, gender, race and ethnicity. The brief online test asks questions designed to help us identify individuals' mental health challenges. With the diverse questions, we address multiple conditions, not just one.





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Some of the challenges our test gauges symptoms for include:  


This quiz is also partly a depression test that individuals can complete to distinguish the severity of their depression. Once individuals determine the extent of their depression symptoms, they can discover an action plan to find support and resources to help them through their condition.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is also part of our online test. While PTSD is the common term used in the mental health industry, Stella and other professionals have suggested using post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) instead. Neuroscience-informed findings indicate that PTSD is actually a biological injury that shows up on brain scans. Individuals often have PTSD/PTSI after experiencing a stressful or traumatic event that leads to feelings of hopelessness, fear, severe anxiety or mistrust. Our PTSD test questions help individuals come to terms with their PTSD symptoms. Our comprehensive quiz may also test regarding complex PTSD. 


Take an anxiety test online through this quiz. Several questions ask about how individuals feel and if they struggle with sleeping, concentrating, panic attacks or body aches. Asking questions that pinpoint specific anxiety symptoms helps those taking the quiz identify if they are experiencing anxiety.

An Assessment Could Change Everything

You deserve to feel better. After taking our Symptoms Quiz, kickstart lasting relief by receiving a mental health assessment from Stella. We believe mental health challenges are injuries that can be treated, so we ensure every individual who works with us gains expert guidance during their healing journey. At Stella, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating mental health. Every individual our experts work with receives a customized care plan unique to their struggles, experiences and goals.

Learn more about our treatments by scheduling a call today.


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