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Life without suicidal ideations is possible

Suicidal ideations can severely impact your quality of life. With Stella's comprehensive care and expert guidance, your well-being is poised for a positive transformation.


What is suicidal ideation?

Suicidal ideation refers to contemplations, thoughts, wishes, or ideas about death and suicide, usually brought on by emotional trauma and mental health challenges. They can affect anyone regardless of age, occupation, sex, gender, or race. Suicidal ideation are not always linked with suicide attempts, but they are one of several possible warning signs to indicate increased risk. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2021, 12.3 million people seriously thought about suicide. Suicide rates among certain demographics can vary. However, suicidal ideations are more prevalent in non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native people, followed by non-Hispanic White people, and young people identifying as LGBTQ+ have higher suicidal thoughts and behavior compared to their peers who identify as heterosexual. Recently, people employed in trade professions like construction workers and professions like dentists and lawyers have seen higher suicide rates.



Combining biological treatments with talk therapy support can bring patients the best outcomes possible.

Addressing untreated trauma symptoms and learning new skills may help decrease the frequency and intensity of suicidal ideations and may eliminate them altogether in some cases.

Stella's advanced Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) protocol features two injections on the same side of neck of a local anesthetic next to a bundle of sympathetic nerves that can bring the fight-or-flight response back to its pre-trauma state.

In-office medically guided infusions that follow a responsible innovation approach paired with integration sessions to effectively treat mental health conditions, such as depression.

Work directly with Stella's Advanced Practice Provider to discover the most impactful relief through smart applications of safe and effective treatment modalities.


Stella Integration Sessions are built to optimize healing and growth by making meaning of ketamine infusion sessions and create individualized action plans that turn insights into growth.

Meet with Stella's Advanced Practice Providers to track symptoms, discuss nutrition, supplements, medication adherence & gain trauma-informed insights.

Alongside biological treatment, meet with trauma-informed APN therapists to gain greater personal insight and understanding in support of better long-term clinical outcomes.

54.7% of our patients have experienced fewer thoughts of self-harm after Treatment by Stella.

Stella's treatment approach gives patients the optimal pathway to seamless, comprehensive, integrated care by using a variety of treatments in combination with each other or as supplemental treatments to your existing care plan.


"After the second SGB injection, a noticeable difference. After the first injection, I got really disappointed. But I still got the second injection and I'm so glad I did. It's only day two after the injection, but so far, I haven't had any visual hallucinations and no suicidal ideation."

"My mind is finally quiet. No more constant racing thoughts and getting trapped in anxious thought loops! My mind is finally quiet. The dual sympathetic reset is saving my life. I am no longer suicidal because of complex PTSD, depression and anxiety."

"Life changing. I no longer feel suicidal. I wish this was given to every person who is suffering from long-term post-traumatic stress. This treatment gave me the ability to keep moving forward and feel like myself once again."

Ready To Kickstart Lasting Relief?

Stella is a trusted authority in treating emotional trauma, mental health challenges, and long COVID symptoms with innovative treatments like Stella's ketamine protocol and the dual sympathetic reset (DSR), an advanced stellate ganglion block (SGB). Call our care advocates to find out more information about Treatment by Stella.

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