Finding The Right Treatment For Loved Ones Facing Mental Health Challenges

Finding The Right Treatment For Loved Ones Facing Mental Health Challenges

If you think that you may be experiencing symptoms, take this PTSD test online or speak to a Care Advocate now directly by calling (908) 293-7559.

Taking the first step in searching for treatment can be an intimidating and daunting task, with the vast array of options available on the internet. Many individuals may feel lost and unsure of where to begin. 

However, at Stella, we understand that this initial step is crucial for ourselves or someone we care about. We acknowledge the challenges of discussing treatment options, such as the time commitment, feeling defensive or attacked, and the stigmas and discrimination surrounding mental health challenges. These factors can often lead to hesitation in seeking help. That's why we emphasize the significance of a strong support system while dealing with the debilitating symptoms of emotional trauma, mental health issues, and long-COVID. Our treatment approach, including dual sympathetic reset, ketamine treatment, and integration sessions, is complemented by the presence of a robust support system, ensuring that individuals feel encouraged and assisted throughout their journey toward relief and healing. 



By addressing the most common questions asked by friends and family, this resource aims to empower loved ones with the knowledge they need to provide effective support and foster a more understanding and compassionate environment for those facing emotional trauma and mental health challenges. 

Together, we can make the path to healing more supportive for everyone involved.

Stella's approach to care

We're built on an entirely new understanding of care. We believe the fusion of biological, psychological, and mind-body practices can help lead to the best possible outcome

Stella simplifies the healing journey by pairing our clients with an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) who reviews their symptoms and medical history to build a custom treatment plan to combat the root of the problem: trauma as a biological injury. Much like a broken leg needs to be reset in a cast before it's rehabilitated, the human brain's "fight or flight" system – which can stay activated long after trauma or stressors – must be reset before it can heal. 

To reduce symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges, our treatment plans may include one or multiple biological interventions like DSR, or ketamine treatment

Stella partners with Board Certified doctors and best-in-class medical personnel who use the latest, most effective treatment protocols to ensure the best possible outcome. The APPs will check in after treatment to assess your symptoms and recommend the next step. 



Getting started: The most common questions about Stella treatment

To help guide the conversation, and understand Stella and our treatments a little better before we connect, here are the five most common questions we receive from family members:

1. What is the cost?

Our care plans are built around trying to guarantee a successful outcome for you. We offer a multimodality approach, including combinations of our DSR, ketamine protocol, and integration sessions, along with a single treatment option. Depending on the plan your APP recommends, cost of treatment can range anywhere from $3,650 to $4,750. Itemized treatment offerings can average around $1,650. 

Find out more about pricing on our Care Approach page.

2. Is it covered by insurance?

We've partnered with major insurance providers in many states to make mental health care more accessible and affordable. Intake appointments, integration therapy and TMS treatment are covered by some insurances depending on your plan and location. While many insurance providers have not yet established formal coverage for the dual sympathetic reset or ketamine therapy, this is a first step towards a pathway for potential reimbursement. Visit our pricing page to learn more about insurance, or call our Care Advocates now to see if you're covered.

Stella accepts Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and CareCredit as payment options. We also provide financing plans through Rectangle Health with flexible and affordable custom payment plans that fit any budget along with offering 0% interest in-house financing options. Superbills are also available.

3. What is the length of relief?

Though the length of relief can vary from person to person, 80% of our patients have found relief from symptoms. It can be months to years of relief. We most commonly see at least six months or more of relief within our patients. 

4. How soon can individuals get scheduled?

The first step for the individual is to speak with a Care Advocate, who will answer any questions and schedule your assessment with our licensed Advanced Practice Providers (APP). The APP will conduct a bio-psycho-social assessment which includes a review of your symptoms and health history. Using this information, the APP will create a custom treatment recommendation.

On average, our patients schedule their treatment within a few weeks of their APP appointment, depending on their location and treatment.

5. Who is this helpful for?

Stella has treated many patients who experience anxiety and depression along with traumatic brain injury, stress, and PTSD. Many individuals report feeling closer to loved ones, more interest in activities, better sleep, and great focus in career and daily routine. 


Overcoming trauma: A story of healing and support

A support system was crucial for Denise and her husband in 2022. Both experiencing symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges, with the addition of COVID-19 symptoms for Denise, the conversation around treatment began. Denise and her husband relied on each other, encouraged one another through their symptoms, and discussed their hesitations. It wasn't long before they discovered DSR. 

Read Denise's testimonial below.

"Receiving the DSR treatment has truly transformed my life, and I can't express enough how profoundly it has impacted me. It's as if a heavy burden that I've carried for decades has finally been lifted, allowing me to breathe freely once again. I'm experiencing emotions that were suppressed for years, both the positive and the negative, but now, they no longer overwhelm me like they used to. It's hard to say with absolute certainty that it was the DSR shot, but many of the lingering side effects from my battle from having COVID have miraculously disappeared. I no longer find myself losing track of my thoughts mid-sentence, and my ability to focus has greatly improved.

A man and woman pose for a picture in front of a lake

Even my husband, who approached the DSR treatment with skepticism and didn't expect to experience relief, has been profoundly affected. He struggled for years with anxiety, depression, and angry outbursts, resorting to drugs and alcohol to cope with his symptoms. Despite his long-term sobriety and active participation in a recovery program, he continued to struggle with depression and anxiety. However, since undergoing the procedure, his life has taken a remarkable turn for the better. He's genuinely happier and no longer plagued by anxiety. One of the most striking changes he noticed was the absence of the constant chatter in his mind. With his anxiety alleviated, he's become more self-assured and confident and recently, with the guidance of his physician, stopped taking anti-depressants.

 In so many ways, our relationship has been revitalized. I hadn't fully realized just how much I reacted to my husband's mood. Conversely, I am more present and am able to be more present when we are together.  We're back to sharing laughter and genuinely enjoying life together. Of course, life still presents its challenges, but we both feel equipped with newfound strength to navigate through them. We remain actively committed to supporting each other's well-being, and the DSR treatment has given us the tools we need to face everyday struggles with resilience and optimism."

How To Get Started

Stella is an authority in treating emotional trauma, mental health challenges, and long COVID symptoms with innovative treatments like Stella's ketamine protocol and the dual sympathetic reset (DSR), an advanced stellate ganglion block (SGB). If you want to find out more information about treatment with DSR SGB, please speak to our care advocate by calling 908-293-7559.


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