In The Media: Dr. DeCocker Talks Depression and Mental Health Screening on WGN Chicago

In The Media: Dr. DeCocker Talks Depression and Mental Health Screening on WGN Chicago

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In the realm of mental health, initiating a dialogue about the challenges one faces can be compared to walking a tightrope. However, it's a crucial tightrope to walk, especially when it comes to seeking the right care.

October is National Depression and Mental Health Awareness Screening Month, and the spotlight turns towards destigmatizing conversations around mental well-being. Recently, Dr. Karen DeCocker, Stella's Director of Nurse Practitioner Programs, joined WGN's DayTime Chicago, shedding light on the multifaceted landscape of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress injury.

During her conversation, Dr. DeCocker not only delved into the intricacies of these challenges but also explored the frontier of innovative treatments. Among them, the use of psychedelics emerged as a notable contender. This unconventional approach to mental health care is increasingly gaining attention for its potential to catalyze transformative healing experiences. Among them are Stella's biological treatments, the dual sympathetic reset, and ketamine infusion therapy.

Beyond these novel therapies, the interview emphasized the indispensable role of continued care with a mental health provider. Stella maximizes the value of ketamine infusion therapy with Stella integration sessions. Recognizing mental health as an ongoing journey rather than a one-time destination underscores the importance of sustained support and professional guidance.

Dr. DeCocker expressed the significance of fostering a safe and empathetic space for open dialogue. Approaching mental health discussions with empathy and understanding has the power to break down barriers that hinder individuals from seeking help. By creating an environment where thousands grappling with debilitating symptoms feel heard and understood, we pave the way for a collective journey towards healing.

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