Podcast: The Story of Our Trauma

Podcast: The Story of Our Trauma

To Experience Trauma Is To Be Human

The Story of Our Trauma is a new podcast hosted by nationally renowned trauma psychologist and Stella co-founder Dr. Shauna Springer

Dr. Springer explores the peaks and valleys of trauma and what we know about the paths to recovery with experts, athletes, veterans, CEOs, and everyone in between.


Episode One: From a Marine to Inmate to Giving Back

How did Ron Self find himself in a situation that had him pulling the trigger in an attempted hit on a doctor's life? The events of Self's past shaped his traumatic and turbulent future. Dr. Springer asks how this US Marine how he overcame his trauma and went from inmate of the country's most notorious prison to the founder of Veterans Healing Veterans.


"If you get with the right people and you work through [your trauma] there's a sunrise on the other side. And that sunrise looks unlike any sunrise you've ever seen. It just has so much more meaning to it."

– Ron Self 



Episode Two: Unfolding Trauma and its Collective Weight

Who heals the healers? Guy MacPherson has been answering that question for the better part of a decade on his top-rated podcast The Trauma Therapist. Dr. Springer asks MacPherson how his definition of trauma has shifted over time thanks to his experiences as a therapist and through his own reflection. The pair also discuss The Trauma Therapist Project– an organization that providers healers with educational resources and supportive community.


"I have a more open mind about what can be traumatic. We have to remember that what can be traumatizing for one person isn't necessarily traumatizing for another person."

– Guy MacPherson



Episode Three: The Resilience Muscle & Shaping Life with Cancer

Sally Wolf's life took a sharp turn when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She stepped away from her role as a media executive and her new mission in life was to inspire others. Wolf speaks with Dr. Springer about her journey with cancer, what the Harvard alumni community means to her, and how she takes pleasure in the simple things, like being an "auntie" to her nephew and nieces. For Wolf, there's always something special when you look for it, even on the most challenging days.


"I couldn't control a diagnosis, but I could definitely control the team that I built, the people I let in. And that was huge for me."

– Sally Wolf



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