Task Force Dagger

Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation provides assistance to wounded, ill, or injured US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) members and their families. We respond to immediate needs, conduct Rehabilitative Adaptive Events (RAE), and provide next-generation health solutions for issues facing our service members.

As a veteran-operated nonprofit, we understand the needs and experiences of the Special Operations Forces community. Each program is designed to heal, rebuild and strengthen the service member and their family by providing mission, purpose, and focus.
"Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation is grateful for our partnership with Stella. Our program participants from the Special Operations Forces community have seen significant improvements and growth stemming from the care provided at Stella."


In a captivating episode of the Stars and Stripes podcast, the spotlight shines on Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation, an indispensable pillar of support for the Special Operations Forces community, and its collaboration with Stella and our treatments. Task Force Dagger is a dynamic organization that tackles health initiatives, immediate needs, and transformative rehabilitative adaptive events.

the service member is getting the treatment but yet the entire family is reaping the benefits of this treatment

With Stella and our treatments, like the dual sympathetic reset, an advanced stellate ganglion block, we build a great foundation of care that is a crucial aid to service members and families. This powerful episode posted on Stripes.com speaks about the collaboration and brings innovative and effective care to the front of the conversation surrounding post-traumatic stress.

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Listen to the full episode here

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