Donovan and Bank Foundation


The Donovan and Bank Foundation is a North Carolina based 501(c)(3) non-profit comprising four interrelated programs: The JANUS Program, the Special Operations Experience, the Innovative Wellness Program and The Donovan & Bank Society. We help transitioning Special Operators find a new purpose, decouple from their military identity, and stay connected to a tribe/community. We provide access, education and funding for cutting edge treatments for TBI and Operator Syndrome (Stellate Ganglion Block, Ketamine Infusion) which are difficult or impossible to access through the Department of Defense medical system or the Veterans Administration. We are purpose built to help Special Operators focus on prioritizing fulfillment over employment.


"The dual sympathetic reset saved me from myself. It gave my wife a fully present husband and gave my kids the daddy they deserve...I have grown out from the past and I'm able to plan a future with happiness, joy, purpose and meaning." 

Trevor B.

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