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Treatment By Stella Is Fast, Effective And Lasting

Dr. Lipov discovered and perfected a modern treatment for PTSD. He is one of the world’s renowned innovators in anesthesiology. He understands how my patients hurt and he has helped them heal.

Dr. Frank Ochberg, Founding Father of Trauma Science, and the Doctor who distinguished Stockholm Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Injury.

Tried and trusted.

Dr. Lipov, Chief Medical Officer of Stella, has been credited with modifying the 100 year old Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) to alleviate PTSD symptoms during a single outpatient procedure.

New and improved.

Stella’s unique dual SGB injection has shown 80% effectiveness in relieving symptoms of PTSD.

Immediate and lasting

Many patients find relief from their PTSD symptoms immediately - and if follow-up care is necessary, we've created a treatment program to encourage sustainable, ongoing outcomes.

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Stella Is More Than A Treatment, It’s A Commitment To Your Recovery

Stella ensures that every American has access to effective PTSD treatment.

Therefore, treatment by Stella offers:

Travel stipends


Referrals to supporting therapies

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