Stella Center

2425 22nd St Ste. 101
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Stella Center is open and treating patients during COVID-19 distancing measures. Strict CDC guidelines are being enforced to ensure safety for staff and patients.

About Us

Stella Center provides care to those suffering from the biological effects of trauma through a procedure called the Stellate Ganglion Block. Stella Center is dedicated to providing patient access to the procedure via clinics throughout the country. The center was founded by Dr. Eugene Lipov, a world-renowned board-certified anesthesiologist in partnership with Dr. Shauna Springer, a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert on trauma.

Dr. Lipov is widely considered the pioneer of treating mental trauma symptoms with SGB and has performed over 1,000 procedures for patients across the world. Over more than a decade, Dr. Lipov has continually refined a best-practice approach to providing SGB for those with emotional trauma. Stella Center will continue to advance innovations in trauma and will expand to include a team of highly skilled providers who are fully committed to expanding the horizons of effective trauma care.