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Dr. Eugene Lipov
Stella's Chief Medical Officer

Widely considered to be the pioneer of SGB for PTSD, Dr. Lipov is one of the world’s leading experts in psycho-anesthesia. 15 years ago he discovered how to reduce the effects of trauma and reboot the nervous system to a pre-trauma state. As Stella’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lipov oversees training of every Stella M.D. partner to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and care.

Dr. Shauna “Doc” Springer, Ph.D
Stella’s Chief Psychologist

Dr. Shauna Springer – known as “Doc Springer” in the military community, is one of the nation's leading experts on PTSD and transitional trauma. At Stella, Doc Springer oversees the important overlap of psychological and biological treatment modalities.

Stella Board-Certified Doctors

Meet our best-in-class group of Stella doctors located across the United States

Dr. Christopher Ray

Dr. Luke Liu

Dr. Jennifer Sandadi

Dr. Amit Patel

Dr. Mark Deaver

Dr. Suzanne Manzi

Dr. Michael Chen

Dr. Rosemary Daly

Dr. Suneil Jolly

Dr. Joey Thomas

Dr. Shannon Garitty

Dr. Jason Attaman

Dr. C. Ann Conn

Dr. Jason Gremillion

Dr. Armen Haroutunian

Dr. James Honet

Dr. Miriam Hameed

Dr. Christopher Hunt

Dr. Brannon Frank

Dr. Drew Trainor

Dr. Paul Lynch

Dr. Jonathann Kuo

Dr. Anthony LoMonaco

Dr. Minesh Patel

Dr. T. Daniel Dibble

Dr. Tory McJunkin

Dr. Nicholas Miniel

Dr. John How

Dr. Allison Mulcahy

Dr. Stephanie Shen

Dr. Robert Odell

Dr. Robert Groysman

Dr. Sudhir Rao

Dr. Trusharth Patel

Dr. Matthew Rupert

Dr. Blake Sutton

Dr. Jafar Siddiqui

Dr. Raul Cruz

Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb

Dr. Matthew Thorson

Dr. Matthias Wiederholz

Dr. Mark Greenberg

Dr. Sheel Patel

Dr. Jason Brajer

Dr. David Rosenfeld

Dr. Sairam Atluri

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The information contained on this website and the resources available for download through this website are provided for general information only.  This information is not intended to provide professional or medical advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with qualified healthcare professionals who are familiar with your individual condition.

The efficacy of the SGB procedure and the testimonials made on this website have not been confirmed by FDA-approved research.   Although the anesthetic medications used in the SGB procedure have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of various disorders, the FDA has not yet approved such medications for the treatment of PTSD.  Although clinical results to date have been extremely promising, Stella cannot guarantee that the SGB procedure will relieve any or all PTSD symptoms.

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