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Treating PTSD is a team sport that requires collaboration with Mental Health Professionals

Stella is on a mission to create a world where no person needlessly suffers from the symptoms of PTSD. We believe that collaboration with Mental Health Providers offers the greatest opportunity for success.

Stellate Ganglion Block(SGB) combined with the treatment strategies of highly skilled therapy providers can help accelerate the long-term gains that we all hope patients will achieve.

How does SGB work to treat PTSD?

Trauma exposure causes a biological injury that can be seen on fMRI.

The injury causes changes in cognition and behavior. The SGB procedure interacts with the sympathetic nervous system to help restore normal biological function and can address the physiological symptoms associated with trauma.

Using image-guidance techniques, a local anesthetic is injected into the stellate ganglion to “unfreeze” the Fight or Flight response. After receiving SGB, many patients are able to work through new feelings and emotions with their mental health professional on deeper, more meaningful level.

Combining biological interventions with psychological interventions can help patients get the best outcomes possible.

If you are a mental health provider and would like to understand how Treatment by Stella can be a powerful part of your patient’s recovery journey we want to collaborate with you.

  • We offer opportunities for professionals to meet with our team, to learn and ask questions. Meetings are available one-on-one or for groups, virtually or in-person where available.
  • Coming Soon: An Educational Series at no cost to advance the state of innovative care between Stella and Mental Healthcare Providers. Topics included how SGB works from a medical/biological perspective, combining SGB with other modalities, explaining the benefit to patients, addressing common patient concerns, normal and abnormal responses and more.

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Medical Practitioners: Consider Joining Team Stella

Are you an Anesthesiologist working in pain management? Are you interested in adding Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD to your practice? If so, we would like to hear from you.

Stella is quickly expanding across the US and internationally. We are looking for board certified Medical Doctors interested in being a part of our mission. Contact us to learn more about partnering with Stella and improve the lives of those who suffer from PTSD.

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