Dr. Karen DeCocker, Director of Advanced Practitioners

Director of Advanced Practitioners

I'm the Director of Advanced Practice Providers at Stella and oversee Stella's assessment team. We specialize in identifying which innovative medical treatments & virtual therapies can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD & TBI. After completing a virtual assessment together that accounts for medical, biological, psychological & social factors, I provide individualized treatment recommendations across our advanced protocols: the dual sympathetic reset (an advanced stellate ganglion block), ketamine infusions, integration therapy, and more. This allows you to feel better faster and maintain long-lasting gains.

Our priority is your outcome. It starts with an assessment with me to identify what treatments can decrease your symptoms. For some, it's DSR SGB injections to calm the fight-or-flight response. For others, it's ketamine infusions & integrations to rebuild neuron pathways & create healthy habits. I hope to be your expert guide in healing.

Starting the conversation around mental health challenges can be difficult, but is essential when trying to find the right care. October is National Depression and Mental Health Awareness Screening Month, and Stella's very own Karen DeCocker spoke to WGN's DayTime Chicago about mental health challenges like depression and post-traumatic stress injury, the innovative treatments like the use of psychedelics, and the importance of continued care with a mental health provider. Creating a safe and empathetic space for open dialogue with empathy and understanding can help thousands experiencing debilitating symptoms start on a journey toward healing.

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