Dr. Shauna Springer, Stella Chief Psychologist

Dr. Shauna Springer, Stella Chief Psychologist


Shauna 'Doc' Springer, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, three-time best-selling author, frequently requested keynote speaker, award-winning podcast host, and one of the world's leading experts on psychological trauma, military transition, suicide prevention, and close relationships. A Harvard graduate who has become a trusted Doc to our nation's military warfighters and first responders, she navigates diverse cultures with exceptional agility. 

As Chief Psychologist for Stella, Dr. Springer promotes a groundbreaking approach to addressing psychological trauma by integrating biological and psychological therapies. With over 20 years of experience in all different types of emotional trauma and mental health challenges environments, she is frequently sought after by the media for her valuable insights on post-traumatic growth, trauma recovery, interpersonal relationships, and psychological well-being. Her insights on psychology and interpersonal relationships have been featured in various media outlets, including VICE, Psychology Today, NPR, NBC, Military Times, Police1, Business Insider, CNN, and CBS Radio. 

Dr. Springer's unique upbringing and love for those who protect and defend us, and her compassionate approach to all who suffer from trauma drive her approach to her work, which emphasizes the importance of love and trust in overcoming challenges and maintaining healthy relationships.


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The Story of Our Trauma

Dr. Shauna Springer, nationally renowned trauma psychologist and co-founder of Stella, hosts "The Story of Our Trauma," a podcast featuring in-depth conversations with trauma and brain experts, athletes, survivors, CEOs, and more. Through insightful discussions, Dr. Springer delves into the complexities of trauma, including its highs and lows, and provides valuable insights into the journey to recovery.


Seeking the Military Suicide Solution

The Military Times launched "Seeking the Military Suicide Solution," which explores military and veteran suicide by presenting fresh perspectives based on research and successful clinical and peer support practices in suicide prevention. The podcast, hosted by Duane France, a retired Army combat veteran, author, and mental health counselor, along with Dr. Springer, a renowned expert on initiatives to support the military community, aims to move beyond just creating awareness about the issue to identify practical strategies that can address the growing suicide rate among service members, veterans, and their families. In 2021, Seeking the Military Suicide Solution won the Best Broadcast Award from SAVE, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education, for their work on the podcast's 50th episode. 


Personal VERITAS: A Harvard University Alumni Podcast for the Class of '97

Twenty-five years after graduating from Harvard College, members of the Class of 1997 come together in this series of conversations to reconnect, share stories, and reflect on lessons learned outside of the classroom. Hear from this cohort of diverse classmates about how their lives have unfolded and where they find themselves now. What was it like arriving at Harvard all those years ago? How does the privilege of a Harvard education and degree impact opportunities and decisions after graduation? How do perspectives on success and personal values evolve over time? What is the legacy we desire to build on the foundation of the privileges we have received? 

Doc Shauna Springer is featured in one of these podcasts - Shauna 'Doc' Springer on close relationships, critical life decisions, and healing from trauma 


SelfWork: New Trauma Treatments With Guest Host Doc Shauna Springer and Alexa James

The Self Work Podcast, hosted by Margaret Rutherford, welcomed Dr. Springer to the show as a guest host, interviewing Alexa James, the CEO of NAMI Chicago. James has played a crucial role in starting mental health programs in the Chicago Police Department and bringing mental health treatment to underserved communities. She has also worked on police accountability and helped with Chicago's response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It's an insightful and inspiring conversation between two remarkable women.


"The Shot": An Award-Winning Short Film

Produced by PenFed Digital, the digital media division of PenFed Credit Union, "The Shot" follows three patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their experience before and the year after receiving Stellate Ganglion Block treatment. The film includes interviews with Dr. Shauna Springer and Dr. Eugene Lipov, who are renowned trauma specialists in their respective fields. The film's awards include Best Documentary at the Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, Best Mental Health Film at the Cotswold International Film Festival, Best Editing at the Chicago Cinema Awards and Best Health Short at the Docs Without Borders Film Festival.



You don't have to be a soldier to have PTSD, but 20 veterans die by suicide every single day in the United States. That statistic prompted actor and filmmaker Michael Gier to make a documentary called Wounded Heroes, a film that explores alternative treatments for PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder. The film consists of interviews with veterans, PTSD specialists and various doctors, therapists and psychiatrists; the soldiers' personal stories about experiencing PTSD are often devastating. Many veterans in Wounded Heroes describe the negative physical and emotional results of overmedication; some talk about having had as many as 18 different prescriptions to fight PTSD — and how happy they were to stop taking those meds when alternative treatments helped them. Psychologist Shauna "Doc" Springer and Dr. Eugene Lipov are two of several specialists interviewed as part of the film. "Wounded Heroes" streams on Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Fox Nation, Google, iTunes, and elsewhere.


Residual Documentary

Residual is a documentary that showcases Dr. Springer's expertise, exploring how cumulative trauma and PTSD affect first responders. It offers insights into how to recognize and manage symptoms using different treatments. It aims to reduce the suicide rates among first responders by presenting realistic steps to minimize risks. The documentary's target audience includes active and retired emergency workers, friends and family, upper management, mental health professionals, and elected officials, with a distribution plan designed to reach as many of them as possible.


Mission 22: What is DSR SGB?

Mission 22 has created several high-impact short films, including "What is Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)?" that features Dr. Shauna Springer who describes how SGB works and why it may be a helpful treatment for veterans and first responders alike. Mission 22 also created a powerful short film called "The Stigma of Help" that is based on Dr. Springer's book with Sgt (Ret) Michael Sugrue, RELENTLESS COURAGE: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma.



Dr. Springer's #1 Bestselling Books

In her most recent book, RELENTLESS COURAGE: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma, along with Sergeant (Ret) Michael Sugrue, Dr. Springer tackles the complexity of trauma with the law enforcement community, uncovers the unspoken barriers, and outlines a path to healing. RELENTLESS COURAGE has been described by Lt. Col. David Grossman, best-selling author of On Killing and On Combat as "one of the most important books of our time." Read the more than 350 reviews of her book on Amazon to see why readers believe RELENTLESS COURAGE should be required reading for first responders and those who love and support them. 

In her book, WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us, Doc Springer takes us into the heart of trauma – how it impacts us, and how we can heal. Her insights, gleaned from working with countless warriors who have overcome extreme traumas, are both critical and timely as we emerge from years of societal trauma. WARRIOR has been the focus of collective readings by veteran groups and by thousands of therapists who support service members, veterans and first responders. Doc Springer has also created a virtual online guide that pairs with WARRIOR to deliver her unique perspective and game-changing insights to those who need it – in a confidential, self-paced way, for the benefit of individuals or groups – access Doc Springer's Master Guide for Mental Wellness here

In her book with co-author Jason Roncoroni, BEYOND THE MILITARY: A Leader's Handbook for Warrior Reintegration, Doc Springer shines new light on the psychological and relationship challenges associated with military transition. BEYOND THE MILITARY asserts that a successful military transition is not ultimately about finding a new job—it is about reconnecting with your deeper identity, enhancing your closest relationships, and discovering the full potential of life after military service. She and Roncoroni provide a detailed, 400-page roadmap to successful transition through this collective work. 

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