First Responder Support Network

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First Responder Support Network offers intensive, in-depth "Peer driven, Clinician led" retreats lasting six full days to just six first responders who have experienced acute stress and trauma related to critical incidents and, through its separate SOS retreat, their spouses and significant others, surrounding each with licensed professionals as well as specially trained peers and a chaplain to provide them with the treatment and tools to heal their trauma and better cope with life in the future.


"FRSN believes strongly in the healing of First Responders as well as Significant Others and Spouses of Responders from trauma related experiences. A comprehensive approach to healing from Post Trauma Stress Injury (PTSI) includes mind (psychological), body (physiological) and spirit (soul). We appreciate the contribution that Stella Center makes addressing the physiological aspect of trauma and the resources it provides for Responders and their families to access healing."

Shaunna Edwards, Clinical Director

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