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Measured Wellness is now Stella

The acquisition brings additional treatment modalities to Stella Boston, such as Spravato, the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Transcrainal Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and soon, Ketamine Infusion Therapy.


"We're not just treating illnesses; we're treating people. This means addressing every aspect of an individual's suffering. I've joined Stella to help build a network of the highest quality clinics that will do just that, offering a full array of evidence-based therapies that cross diagnostic lines and use outcomes data in sophisticated ways to develop new treatment protocols that combine these therapies, vaulting rates of response and remission to levels never before seen."

- Dr. Brian Boyle

PTSD, Anxiety and Depression Treatment in Boston

Get Spravato in Boston, MA

FDA-approved ketamine therapy for treatment resistant depression administered in office that targets symptoms of depression such as low mood, lack of pleasure in activities, feelings of hopelessness and more.




Get Stellate Ganglion Bock (SGB) Treatment in Boston, MA

Two treatments within 30 days targeting a bundle of nerves connected to sympathetic nervous sysytem to give fight or flight system a reset, reducing emotional distress, especially in conditions like PTSD and anxiety.



Work directly with Stella's Advanced Practice Provider to discover the most impactful relief through smart applications of safe and effective treatment modalities.




Stella Integration Sessions are built to optimize healing and growth by making meaning of ketamine infusion sessions and create individualized action plans that turn insights into growth.





Dr. Brian Boyle

Chief Psychiatrist

Brian is the Chief Psychiatrist at Stella, and an attending psychiatrist in the Neurotherapeutics Department at McLean Hospital, where he treats patients with severe mental illness using modalities such as ketamine. He completed his adult psychiatry residency training at MGH and McLean Hospitals, serving as Chief Resident of Psychotherapy and the Program in Psychodynamics. 

Brian completed a fellowship at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI) and trained in the Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) clinic at McLean Hospital. Brian is currently the Affiliate Psychiatrist at Two Brattle Center, a multidisciplinary consultation team that treats patients with personality disorders using evidence-based approaches such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Additionally, he practices family therapy in consultation to the Gunderson program at McLean Hospital.

A former finalist in the Harvard Innovation Lab's Dean's Health and Life Sciences Challenge, Brian has a strong interest in working with entrepreneurs and has served as Executive Coach in Residence at Techstars Boston, a premier startup incubator. Having studied systems psychodynamics at BPSI and led interpersonal groups for years, he employs a team-based approach to help founders succeed through insight into group process. 

Brian graduated from Yale College with an honors degree in philosophy and earned his MD from Harvard Medical School. 

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