In the media: Billionaire Bob Parsons and Jay Shetty discuss the stellate ganglion block (SGB) in the "On Purpose" podcast

In the media: Billionaire Bob Parsons and Jay Shetty discuss the stellate ganglion block (SGB) in the "On Purpose" podcast

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Over centuries post-traumatic stress has been recognized as a significant challenge, but our understanding of its impact on the body and effective treatment options has evolved. Various methods have played a crucial role in addressing this invisible struggle, from therapy and medication to groundbreaking approaches like the dual sympathetic reset (DSR) - an advanced stellate ganglion block.

In a recent episode of "On Purpose with Jay Shetty," the founder of GoDaddy discusses how the dual sympathetic reset, developed by Stella, transformed his life. Bob Parsons shares his experiences of overcoming PTSD symptoms and the treatments that changed his life.

 "I didn't want to go places. I didn't want to be with groups. No matter who the group was, I never felt like I belonged." - Bob Parsons on his PTSD symptoms.

In the realm of psychology, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is defined as a response to traumatic or distressing events that leave individuals feeling helpless and horrified. For 49 years, Bob Parsons dealt with growing debilitating symptoms that ranged from irritability and anxiety to depression, flashbacks, and losing interest in once-enjoyed activities. Due to lingering uncertainties about post-traumatic stress and the stigmas surrounding the term "disorder," his symptoms were destined to persist throughout his life.



However, a promising shift has emerged in the last couple of decades as more trauma experts advocate for "dropping the D" from PTSD. In 2015, the Pentagon, government officials, organizations, and advocates stopped using "disorder" to describe post-traumatic stress, instead recognizing it as a treatable injury referred to as post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI). This shift gives hope to those who previously believed the challenge was impossible to treat. Education and access to care has expanded greatly and people, like Bob Parsons, have leaned on innovative treatments like using psychedlics and the dual sympathetic reset. 

 "It sounds like you've [Bob Parsons] kept the parts that made you who you are and left behind the parts that it forced you to be." - Jay Shetty 

In the past decade, Stella's dual sympathetic reset has emerged as an innovative treatment helping thousands experiencing post–traumatic stress. DSR SGB can effectively and quickly reduce these symptoms of PTS and boasts over an 80% success rate for individuals experiencing emotional trauma and mental health challenges. And the awareness of this rising treatment is only growing by the day.  

 "The amygdala reconnects, and it reboots. It resets and goes back to the way the individual should be." - Bob Parsons

Post-traumatic stress can significantly affect on daily life, their relationships with friends and family, and their career. Finding the appropriate care and raising awareness, like in this episode, are crucial to help individuals reclaim their sense of well-being. 

Watch Bob and Jay discuss trauma, PTSD, Ketamine, Stella's DSR treatment, and more in the full episode:

Billionaire Bob Parsons ON: How To Live A MEANINGFUL LIFE Before You Die | Jay Shetty


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