Highly effective, evidence-based mental health care

Getting relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD is possible. Schedule an appointment with Stella's medical experts to discuss what treatments could help you:

Treating mental health challenges as injuries, not disorders.


Stella's treatments target the source of depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms, providing relief from even the worst challenges.

Two 15-minute treatments that can calm, or reset, the fight or flight system to reduce symptoms commonly associated with conditions like anxiety and PTSD. 


In-office medically guided infusions paired with integration sessions to effectively treat mental health conditions, such as depression.


FDA-approved ketamine therapy for treatment resistant depression administered in office that targets symptoms of depression such as low mood, lack of pleasure in activities, feelings of hopelessness and more.



Non-invasive in-office treatment that uses focused magnetic pulses to reawaken the connections in the brain.



Work directly with Stella's Advanced Practice Provider to discover the most impactful relief through smart applications of safe and effective treatment modalities.

Stella Integration Sessions are built to optimize healing and growth by making meaning of treatment outcomes and create individualized action plans that turn insights into growth.

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Insurance, HSA, FSA, Financing and CareCredit

Stella accepts select insurances for intake appointments, Spravato, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, integration therapy, and follow-up appointments.

Non-covered treatments are considered self pay. In-house financing and financing plans through Rectangle Health are available.

Your dedicated care team will work with you directly to review coverage, process claims, assist with financing applications and more.*

*Insurance coverage varies by state and plan. Financing available to those who qualify.

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20+ Locations Around the US

Stella's board certified providers are trained on Stella's advanced treatment protocols and follow strict safety guidelines. Each protocol has been developed specifically to address symptoms of mental health challenges. Find treatment for anxiety, depression and PTSD near you:


Expert Led Interventional Psychiatry

Stella aims to heal the injury instead of just managing the symptoms.


Stella's expert protocols pair in-office medical treatments for mental health with short-term virtual integration therapy to maximizes healing.


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Real Patients, Real Outcomes

Some may experience instant relief, while others may see gradual progress or require additional treatments. It is essential to recognize that each patient's unique journey is valid, and our team is dedicated to providing support throughout the entire treatment process. 

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Take Stella's Symptoms Quiz Created By Experts

Created by clinical experts, Stella's symptom quiz combines measures used by the American Psychological Association such as the PCL for PTSD, GAD-7 for Anxiety, PHQ for Depression and more to help make sense of what you might be experiencing.

Cutting-edge care that leads to life-changing results.

Stella's innovative treatments help relieve symptoms of emotional trauma and mental health challenges.

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